The Most Important Clubs

The Most Important Clubs

Xeon M-5 PutterGolf might require a range of different shots, but the most frequent is the putt. Average golfers use the putter at least twice as often as any other club. If you're shooting over a hundred, about forty per cent of your strokes will be putts. So it's plain to see that the Putter is the most important of all the clubs, just by weight of numbers.

ZR1 460cc Titanium DriverThe next most important club for the majority of us is the driver. Up to fourteen times off the tee - about fifteen per cent of shots, give or take. And remember, your first shot will set the feel for that whole. When you hit a good drive the rest of your shots become easier. When you hit a bad drive well, you know the story. So the Driver is an extremely important club.

Pinemeadow WedgeWedges become very important for beginners, as they aren't hitting the green as regularly as more experienced players. Beginners usually hit less than four greens in a good round. That means a lot of strokes chipping towards the green.

The other clubs are used for the rest of the strokes. Most clubs don't get used more than a couple of times. Based solely on numbers, the putter, driver and wedges are more important. But numbers aren't everything. A club might have an effect on our games that goes beyond its sheer frequency of use. Clubs that cause problems should be given added attention. Drivers, fairway woods, and long irons are the worst, as they can putt the ball out of bounds more easily.

Pinemeadow Excel Hybrid Iron SetOf course, the longer the club, the more difficult the hit - that's why the long clubs are the most likely to cause big problems. As a beginner, it's smart to look for long clubs with more forgiveness, so you can take more advantage of the distance they can offer, without the attendant problems. There's a big range of options now, with Hybrid Clubs, Fairway Woods and higher lofted Drivers.


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